347910, Russia, Rostov region, Taganrog, Lenin street, 224Б


347910, Russia, Rostov region, Taganrog, Lenin street, 224Б

Looking into the future

WRS Towers is able to become a global partner for any international company and assist in accomplishment of various projects that require the most stringent occupational health and safety and environmental standards and regulations maintaining first class product quality.

WRS Towers is an industrial partner who is willing to contribute to innovative projects and build strong relationship because all together we are capable of moving forward and improving the industrial world.

Establishing long term relations based on mutual respect and close collaboration with our Clients is what truly matters to us. New partner is an integral part of our team!
The Plant structure encompasses a combination of industrial, information and communication technologies with their potential integration throughout the entire production supply chain. The top priority objective of WRS Towers is to export product to CIS region. WRS workers were trained by Windar Renovables professionals starting from welding operators and finishing with painters. Our workers work hard to find unique and genius solutions of the most complicated technical challenges and give you reasonable recommendations on how to improve your product. WRS commercial and technical specialists are able to directly communicate with foreign customers thanks to good command of the English language.

We consider each project to be unique, and we put our efforts and resources to get the optimal solution taking into account your technical, timing and price constraints.
Out technical experience and production potential go far beyond the basic business sectors. We can offer a great variety of both available processes and markets to satisfy production demands of companies which belong to various specific fields.

Members of the Joint Venture and their roles

WINDAR Renovables S.L. (51%) – global technological partner, owner of the tower manufacturing process, Licensor ensuring operations management of the project.
PAO Severstal (49%) – Russian technological partner of the project providing the prepared production site and communication at a regional level including personnel recruitment. Strategic investor. Additionally, PAO Severstal, being the main Supplier of the steel plates, is involved in the Project as a legal entity ensuring uninterrupted supply of the steel plates.


Manufacturing equipment

The Plant consists of two bays of 336m long and 24 m wide each used for tower manufacture. Total production area is 16128 sq. meters.
Three electric overhead cranes of 25t, four electric overhead cranes of 63t and one 75t crane are installed in the bays. Maximum weight to be lifted by 2 cranes is 138 tons.
The Plant also has a storage area of 5.7 ha to store finished sections.
Self-propelled shot blaster: blasting width 500 mm, blasting speed 15 m/min.
Four roller plate bending machine for rolling of cylindrical and conical shells of 3000 mm wide, diameter 1100÷6000 mm and up to 120mm thick.
Automatic Submerged Arc Welding (SAW) columns for longitudinal and circular welding of the shells complete with 30t rotators.
Hydraulic fitting table for accurate, quick and precise fitting of heads (shells with flanges) before welding.
Shells assembly lines complete with self-propelled 100t and 200t rotators and hydraulic fit-up tables (so called “Crocodiles”)
MIG/MAG machines for the internals welding
Manual SAW machine for door frame welding
Kärcher washer complete with self-propelled 200 t rotators: prior to start surface treatment each section shall be washed to reduce salt content on its surface.
Shot blasting booth: internal dimensions of the booth: 8х8х40 meters. The booth is furnished with 200t self-propelled rotators and three shot blasting guns to allow for section blasting of Ø6000 and up to 36.0m long. Zinc metallization also takes place in this booth.
Painting and drying booth: internal dimensions of the booth: 8х8х40 meters. The booth is equipped with 120t self-propelled rotators to allow for painting of Ø6000 and up to 36.0m long.
Area for internals assembly complete with 200t rotators to allow for the internals assembly inside tower sections of Ø6000 mm and 36.0 m long.
Electric Overhead Traveling cranes: two or three EOT cranes can be operated simultaneously by the same remote control.
• Black area: three 25t EOT cranes, two 63t EOT cranes and two 126t EOT cranes.
• White area: two 63t EOT cranes and one 75t EOT crane. Maximum lifting weight using two cranes is 138 tons; maximum lifting weight using three cranes (plus spreader bar) is 175 tons.
Reach stackers: with lifting capacity of 45 tons and 57 tons.
Railway track complete with 75/20t gantry crane.

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