347910, Russia, Rostov region, Taganrog, Lenin street, 224Б


347910, Russia, Rostov region, Taganrog, Lenin street, 224Б

We think about the future through a business model based on trust for our clients, where we achieve excellence in our operations by offering innovative solutions, with sustainable economic and social development and also fostering the development of the professional talent of our people.

For this, the company has the values indicated below.

  • We are an international group, a global company that operates in a coordinated and centralized manner at all levels and countries where we are present. We offer global service, based on the solvency of more than 60 years of Group experience, our industrial capacity and the diversification of our activities.
  • We investigate and face business opportunities around the world in the search for the global development of our company and implement the experiences, skills, and knowledge among our factories in the world, favoring their growth.
  • We offer a supply chain, through the Group's companies jointly facing the challenges and solutions.
  • We support each other so that our abilities are recognized throughout the world.
  • We bring innovation and solutions to customer service, continuously innovating production processes thanks to our experience and know-how. We assist and solve the challenges of our customers, developing their products and services increasing their added value.
  • We research and develop internally the technology adapted to the production processes to compete in a leadership position. We seek close relationships with our clients, which provide solutions, generate value and provide knowledge for both.
  • We seek excellence in quality, working to be effective and efficient aspiring to reach the highest standards and recognition in quality and productivity of our business, safety of our workers and the protection of the environment.
  • We commit ourselves to apply our Policy to improve in each challenge and project presented to us and overcome the requirements that these require in all places in a unified and integrated way.
  • We work with a clear commitment in the prevention of risks to the health and safety of workers and the protection of the environment, as well as in the prevention of accidents of these types.
  • Social responsibility and reputation. We apply responsible and sustainable management principles to our business so that the value generated impacts and influences our customers, employees, and communities where we operate. We respect the environments of action to preserve the future.
  • We respect the cultural differences and traditions of the places where we are present working from honesty in our actions. We apply the same standards, principles and ethical code anywhere in the world.
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